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We provide a full range of services to assist our clients to improve productivity, quality and staff engagement within their operations.  We also offer a complete range of services for the design and specification of optimized storage and handling systems and equipment.

Operational improvements engagements include:

Process or value stream mapping

  • Map exisiting processes and workflow
  • Identify where improvement is needed to improve flow, reduce effort and costs​​​​​​​

Lean improvements and implementation methods

  • 5S
  • Takt time, line balancing, and workload leveling
  • Future state mapping

  • Engage with improvement teams

  • Identify and test new process(es)

  • Analyse test results, re-engage with staff prior to implementation

  • Implement and measure actual progress

  • Set up client ongoing monitoring

Working with your management and staff, our typical approach includes:

  • Confirm existing operational measurement and document baseline measures

  • Engage with workers to map and scrutinize existing process and workflow

  • Analyzing existing, identify where improvement efforts should be targeted

  • Deploy Lean and other improvement methods to targeted processes

  • Re-map, test and analyse the results of the new process

  • Engrain the new process as part of documented standard work

Regardless of the size of your facility, we will help develop best practices and source correct systems for efficient and effective operations.

For our various clients, the design and specification optimization services have included:

Inventory reduction

  • Examining existing inventories and service requirements

  • Developing strategies and action plans to reduce unnecessary inventory

Exploration of appropriate storage/handling systems

  • High-density storage systems
  • Carousels and ASRS
  • Pallet racking of all types
  • Flow rack, shelving and shelving mezzanines
  • Hazmat and other specialty storage
  • Solid waste and recycling handling

Investigation of suitable Inventory Management systems and technologies

  • Software systems
  • Product identification (bar coding, etc.)
  • Order picking systems

Examination and implementation of applicable handling equipment

  • Forklift trucks of all types, tow motors and tugger trains
  • Carts and other manual equipment
  • Cranes and hoists
  • Conveyors
  • Dock equipment

Working with your management and staff, our typical approach includes:

  • Confirming corporate objectives
  • Analyzing existing facilities, storage fixtures, and material handling equipment, systems and procedures
  • Analyzing warehouse management and order fulfillment systems, and storage systems
  • Confirming forecast of movement and volumes to be handled and stored
  • Mapping the current state of key processes (As Is)
  • Determining operational requirements and planned production or service goals; aligning with corporate objectives