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The Team

KLA is a team of Industrial Engineers and Management Consultants providing a broad scope of industrial engineering and operations consulting services for operations and facility projects. We serve a broad range of enterprises including manufacturing, maintenance and overhaul, food processing, food and hard goods distribution, healthcare, and public works.

Bernard Roy, P.Eng

Bern is an Industrial Engineer with extensive experience in operations analysis, facilities planning and design, and material handling & management for a broad spectrum of institutional and commercial clients. His past projects include distribution centres, food and beverage processing plants, hospitals, maintenance facilities, and manufacturing plants.  He has held Industrial Engineering positions with Canada Post Corporation and the City of Winnipeg Works and Operations Department, and for the past 25 years has been a senior and principal consultant with KLA. Bern’s education and training include Industrial Engineering, Materials Management, Lean Management, Occupational Health & Safety, and Ergonomics.

Kevin Brodt, P.Eng

Kevin is an Industrial Engineer with extensive experience in Operations and Data Analysis, Lean Management, Facilities Planning & Design, Project Management, and Production Management.  A principal consultant with KLA, he has previously held engineering positions with Edwards & Associates in Montreal and Andean Metals, SA, in Santiago, Chile.  Kevin’s education and training include Engineering, Lean Management, Change Management, Pure & Applied Sciences, and Building Code Analysis.

KLA has provided a broad range of industrial engineering and operations management consulting services for a wide spectrum of clients in Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest.